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* Uprisings across Arab world

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

Al-Isra: 16-17

And when We would destroy a township We send commandment to its folk who live at ease, and afterward they commit abomination therein, and so the Word (of doom) hath effect for it, and we annihilate it with complete annihilation. How many generations have We destroyed since Noah! And Allah sufficeth as Knower and Beholder of the sins of His slaves.

Mankind is always forgetful. They live at ease with material wealth that Allah swt had granted them. Their leaders are tyrant and dictator and do whatever they are please with. They are very ungrateful and deviated from the role of ‘khalifah’ that Allah swt have bestowed on them. Their leaders and their people are astray from the right path; ‘fasik’ and ‘zalim’ and when their sin reached to a certain level, Allah swt surely punished them. It did not matter whom Allah swt sent to destroy the ungrateful society, be it the typhoon, earth quake, the USA or western nations. Allah swt have promised that if you are grateful to Me, I will increase your bounty; or otherwise destruction will come to you.

All of these have been proven since ages. The examples are many and close to all of us. Why was Kuwait destroyed by Iraq? You examined yourself, how grateful are you will your oil money? Then look at the 7 years war with Iran. So much money was spent on warfare and the destruction on both sides. Again examined your ‘taqwa’ to Allah swt. Saddam was a tyrant and dictator. There was no civil society. He killed his own people; many ulama were tortured and killed. At the end, Allah swt sent the American to finish him and brings destruction to the country. When Allah swt want to destroy a country, not only the sinful, fasik and ungrateful received the torment but the good people also suffered.

Look at Lebanon; it was a sinful city where prostitution was rampant. It was also destroyed in their civil war. Tunisia was also the same and so thus Libya. Their leaders and the elite group were living a luxury life and repressive of their people. They don’t tolerate dissent and freedom of speech and democracy. What about Egypt? Their leaders and security forces don’t tolerate dissent and freedom of speech and democracy. The people who wanted to bring Islam in live were suppressed and jailed. People who wanted to exercise their right were caught and put to jail and tortured. Their parliament is rigged.

Do you think you can live in this sort of society with repressive leaders? Aren’t the people having the right to rebel? Don’t they have a stable mind to do that? Hundreds of thousands of them cannot be wrong, even million of them in Tahril Square cannot be wrong!

Yes, ya Shiekh is about time the Arab leaders need to wake up not as an Arab but as Muslim leaders who are humble to Allah swt. Only then Allah swt will give His blessing and make the Arabs and Muslim nations great.

Looking from the political perspectives; there many evidences, all are not well with the Syrian regime of President Bashar Assad, who took over his father who died a decade ago, the only son of a republican dictator to inherit power and establish a dynastic precedent. It was reported by UPI the regime is now grappling with street protests on a scale not seen for a generation. Not only these reported by CNN, BBC and Aljazeera but by others news media as well.

Another worry for Damascus is Syria’s restive Kurdish minority. The last serious trouble with the Kurds was in 2004, when clashes broke out in the northern city of Qamishli. Security forces killed 25 protesters. Only now the President is giving them to the right of citizenship.

UPI reported as well as by Aljazeera and BBC, similar incidents of  the regime cracked down harshly against peaceful demonstration in the poverty-stricken southern city of Daraa in which troops fired on protesters, killing at least five and possibly as many as 25 or even more.

We also have witness on Aljazeera tens of thousands of protesters torched the offices of the ruling Baath party and the Palace of Justice.  What is depressing, news coming out are scarce because of press clammed down with no press freedom at all.

Syria has been ruled under emergency law for 48 years since the Baath seized power in a 1963 coup and banned all political opposition. Is this what Islam enjoined to do? This is unjustified and cruel. Remembered what Allah swt said on being cruel?

The Assad regime is a Muslim minority, the Alawites, an off shoot of Shiah, even though Syria is predominantly Sunni. Syria has a history of ruthlessly crushing dissent. In 1982, Hafez Assad brutally unleashed his army on the city of Hama, razing whole districts and killing an estimated 30,000 people, when the Muslim Brotherhood tried to assassinate him and they never recovered to defy him ever since. Is this the way of Islam?

Since the political turbulence engulfing the Arab world began in Tunisia in January, people across the Arabian Peninsula suddenly realise that they have their own civil right, have their own freedom to express themselves, to exercise democracy, to elect their own leaders, to have a share in their country wealth and many more. They want justice to prevail for all and they know they have to fight and sacrifice for it, even with blood and life.

Are we to deny their freedom and their right to choose and instead blamed the West for every melody and malice as conspiracy of the US and Western world. Meanwhile, several thousand protesters continued to assembled, demanding reform and chanting “We want dignity and freedom” and “No to emergency laws.”

Even Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan stress Turkey’s “sensitivity” to the unrest, spoke with Assad twice in the last three days and advised Mr. Assad to responding to people’s years-old demands positively with reforms to his country.

Are we not the one to be blame for the state malaise we are in with no progress in human right and on political reforms?

I would certainly think that the people of Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Libya, and Syria have a legitimate right to fight for a better life against the repressive government of the day, have the freedom of democracy and free expression and civil government. We should not try to belittle their opinion by saying everything is a conspiracy from the West. The West certainly will try to impose their interest along the processes, just that we are to be aware of.

The revolutionary upheaval by millions of workers, youth and professionals in Egypt demand the removal of the U.S -backed regime of Hosni Mubarak, who is very friendly to Israel, not only with moral support but materially as well. This will lead to a total collapse of Washington’s foreign policy in the region for four decades. Are we telling this is a Western conspiracy?

Assuming that all happening in the North Africa and the Middle East is conspiracy theory of the West is too simplistic, trying to deny the wisdom of the Arabs. They had been victimised for decades.


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