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* Malaysian Student in Egypt and History in the Making

About our Student in Egypt and History in the making.

(cut and paste communication, not my words, for us to ponder and make good)


Our mediocre minded  self serving politicians are running the country to the ground and we purred at home and sleep like cats.

We deserve the shit we deserve!

We have FIFTY Al-Azhar graduates that can think, articulate and formulate his thoughts in the classical languages and contribute to the progress of our Deen and Ummah EVERY YEAR! We may not produce that many cardiothoracic surgeons every year. So what about the rest of the 950 students every year? Well, they make up the bulk of those yellowing donkeys you saw coming off Tony Fernandes redpainted aircraft!

What cheesed me off is that the herd also included medical students. I always thought that they are a different breed! No, no quite,apparently many have the same wailing mums, yes the same mums. Our august malay mums have children in Cairo in BOTH Faculties! I even have a father , a university mate of mine, who sent me a circulated sms, seeking my prayers for safe delivery of his daughter by Tony Fernandes. I blame not the distressed ambassador, but I blame the wailing malay parents!
TQ Nadxx…. Another nail in the coffin the WE MALAYSIANS< PARENTS ESPECIALLY HAVE NO BALLS.

A bagfull of Maggi Mee would have solved the problem. Now we are going to have to charter back flights to get them back to Cairo…

You guys  in xxxhill have not receive phone calls from Ringgit Malaysia yet for sponsorship ??…You guys are really out of the book now eehh!

Embedded reportage by my 17 year old daughter Sih… in Medinat Nasr, Cairo.

On 09/02/2011, at 5:04 AM

Dear cute Sih….,

I just got off the treadmill. I was glued to Al-Jazeera all evening. I was also on line live with Uncle Mohammad. He told me that when he went to Mansoura, Tanta ( especially Tanta) and Alex accompanying HE uncle Fakhreddin the ambassador, they were confronted by the Professors and the public who were not happy that the malay stoons (student) were running home. Especially the townsfolk who pleaded that they took extraordinary care to keep the malay stoons safe and sound. The malay stoons means so much to them emotionally. The Ambassador retorted that it is not his wish, he was a Cairo stoon himself. But he said it is the spoilt and spoiling malay mums ( al- ummahaat al-malayuwiyaat) that kept pestering him day and night to have their daughters and sons ( especially sons, spoilt sons) sent home. Even if it means sailing up the nile in pharaon’s boats to Aswan, take the camel train to Port Sudan and fly in old Russian wheat bags aircraft to Chittagong and transferred on Bangladesh Biman old DC10s  to Kuala Lumpur and finally on SKMK buses to KB.

I informed uncle Mohammad to look you up. He is no longer occupied with the terrified malay stoons, they will do anything to avoid taking term exams. So after classes today and after submitting your waajibat al-manzili , do accompany Ustaz Ahmad, with your Mama and Nafis to midan Tahrir. Take snapshots and write us stories. Do post on my Facebook and write in arabic.

Sent: Wed Feb 09 08:43:36 2011

You are in Cairo just in time to see history in the making. I could feel even  your ustaz Ahmad could not wait to be in Tahrir’s square. That’s the meaning of getting freedom. Freedom to do things that we love, within the limits of Allah’s injunctions.Freedom to express one’s ideas and opinions without being curtailed. Just like what you are sharing with your baba. Tahrir Square symbolises that. How nice if I can be there, with those people.

Sent: Wed Feb 09 15:58:00 2011
Dear Abu Nad..,

I fully agree with you…the malay stoons shouldn’t have gone home, it would have been an experience of a lifetime to be in Cairo to witness a modern day revolution in action. An experience that money cannot buy, literally, because no commercial airlines would fly anyone there right now. But alas, Malay stoons of today are not the same as in the 70s, ready for any direct action anytime, anywhere, be in KL or London.


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