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* Beware for Egypt Democracy to be Hijack


Points/Words spoken for consideration for Egypt Democracy not to be hijack.

Summarized and created: February 13, 2011, 4:16:41 AM

1.       Egypt’s Vice President Omar Suleiman on Thursday told protesters and strikers to head home or back to work in his first speech after Hosni Mubarak delegated presidential powers to him.

But while he may be liked and trusted abroad, many in Egypt regard Suleiman as part of Mubarak’s inner circle, and as such a pillar of a corrupt regime.
When it became clear Thursday night that Mubarak wasn’t stepping down and that he was instead delegating powers to his deputy, an angry crowd at Cairo’s central Tahrir square tellingly chanted: “Neither Mubarak nor Suleiman!”

2.      The announcement was part of “Communiqué Number 4,” issued a day after veteran strongman Hosni Mubarak handed power to the military.
The military also vowed that it would oversee a peaceful transition towards an elected civilian government.

A note of caution

3.       Egypt isn’t moving toward democracy, it’s moved into martial law and where it goes is now subject to debate    Jon Alterman.

4.      But behind the celebrations, there was a note of caution over how far the armed forces under Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi, Mubarak’s veteran defense minister, were ready to permit democracy, especially since the hitherto banned Islamist Muslim Brotherhood is one of the best organized movements.

“This is just the end of the beginning,” said Jon Alterman of the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

5.      “Egypt isn’t moving toward democracy, it’s moved into martial law and where it goes is now subject to debate.”

U.S. officials familiar with the Egyptian military say Tantawi, 75, has long seemed resistant to change.

6.      Al Arabiya television said the army would soon dismiss the cabinet and suspend parliament. The head of the Constitutional Court would join the leadership with the military council.

But the Supreme Military Council communiqué just release said, they are keeping the the cabinet/ministers of the previous government to run the government. What does this mean? Beware, democracy is being hijack.
  1. It remains to be seen how the Egyptian army will create democracy for the first time in a nation that traces its history back 7,000 years.
    Suleiman said a military council would run the country of 80 million for now. The council gave few details of what it said would be a “transitional phase” and gave no timetable for presidential or parliamentary elections. It said it wanted to “achieve the hopes of our great people”.

8.      The Supreme Military Council vowed on Saturday to hand power to an elected, civilian government in a statement that came a day after Mubarak was swept from power following an 18-day public uprising.

9.      The military will “guarantee the peaceful transition of power in the framework of a free, democratic system which allows an elected, civilian power to govern the country to build a democratic, free state”, a senior army officer announced on state television.

  1. Al Jazeera’s online producer, Evan Hill, reported some instances of fighting between the army and protesters in Cairo as the military worked to dismantle barricades that protesters promptly put back in place in their effort to remain in the square.

Why the army is such in a hurry to dismantle the barricades ???


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