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We have to have a fair view on everything and anything. This is through knowledge. Knowledge is gained by spending time seeking it in a fair manner, looking at all the TV news, people who were interviewed, who are expert in their field and having fair views, not self serving. Articles written or expressed by them, through internet, face book, blogs, etc.  Overstated or understated are usual, it is up to you to look for the complete and fair news. Fox news and the rest of them in America were understating certain facts supporting their government and Israel lobby. They are harping on Muslim Brotherhood and the like of Iran revolution; this very usual similar to Islamic phobia.

People are divided into several groups. The 1st is the elite group who live in luxury and other people are their servant. The 2nd is the one who support the elite group who live by supporting the elite to be in power. They are the cronies, they get everything they wanted, live in luxury through commission and percentage. Next could be the real corporate people who want to see life is good, no demonstration, peaceful, but they are self serving for themselves, they did not care the other strata of life.

The other group is the government servant, police and army. Example in Egypt, army are nearly 500,000; security personal, secret police, SB, (RELA) – 360,000; — surely they have to support Mubarak.

The people that are sensitive, are the one who have values in life, mostly having Islamic value in their heart, which were thought not to suppress other people, fairness in life, care for other people, etc. They come from all level of life, doctors, lawyers, corporate, student, young educated people, etc.

The other group is who don’t care what happened to other people, so long that their life is ok.

The issues here are about 30 million people living under poverty line of US$2 per day in Egypt. Issue of not having jobs, out of work while a segment of society live in luxury. 33% of the young people are unemployed. Issue of democracy, freedom of speech, dignity and liberty, jobs and life security, dictatorship and tyrant, human abuse and suppression, stooges and servant of foreign powers, cronyism and corruption.

When the opposition came to discuss with the present regime, they are back doing their old tricks, the work of munafik, they have dirty tricks up their regime’s sleeve. We have all along noticed they tried to do and making promises that they won’t keep as usual.

The people of Egypt have been fighting for a long time now; the protest in Egypt is not only for Egyptians, but for the LIBERATION OF PEOPLES MIND all over the world, for people to know that leader’s actions are different from what the public wants or need or what they try to project. What they preach is different from what they do. That is the reason we need to unite in support of equal right, freedom, justice and liberty.

The last thing the US administration wants is a free country, a free society which they cannot control, yet their pro democratic rhetoric is everywhere every time!

Can they uphold its own constitutional principles in order to remain the “Leaders of the FREE World”?? The answer is definite NO; they always have their own agenda.


February 7, 2011 - Posted by | Amalan, Ilmu, Mengaji, Politik

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