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It had been a very long time that I learned history.  It was that year when I had to sit for my LCE in 1967. Vividly I still remember that I had to swallow certain dates and names such as the date of French Revolution, date related to Napoleon Bonaparte, something of Genghis Khan, Kublai Khan, Industrial revolution, … can’t recall anymore.  At that age what come to your mine?  What is the significance of all these, remembering the dates and the persons in relation to time other than to pass the exam?  But in actual fact, in your later years, you realised that Genghis Khan, Kublai Khan had a role in the ups and downs of Islamic civilisation amongst other things, plus element of tribulation and punishment from God of the Islamic society at that point in time. The same thing also happened in Spain Andalusia. How Islam was invited to rule there, when the Christian Churches and priests, Kings and kingdom and Jews were at logger head and corrupt; the people suffered. It rises to a glorious peak, and then when the Islamic rulers become rotten, they were replaced.

Do we see not that history had relationship to theology (akidah) here, attributes of God and its relation to the universe, man and the world? No, only if you have the inner ‘eyes and soul’ for it and probably you realise it only in your later years (probably at 50-60 years of age) after you continued to learn about history and ‘sirah’ with open mind. What is the purpose of learning something, knowledge and history if it is of no help to you in achieving success in this life and importantly in the next life?

The problem with our present people, the Muslim many are secular in their thought and cannot relate knowledge for the benefit of our worldly life and more importantly the next life which is permanent.

For example to some of us who said that the Islamic thinkers during Islamic civilisation had to search knowledge to other part of the world is almost totally wrong. Do you know that in medicine, up till today, which is modern medicine, some of the knowledge, skills and instrumentation were derived from the Islamic physicians; surgeon like Ibn Al-Nafis (1210 – 1288) and Al-Zahrawi (936-1013)? During the Yuan dynasty, the Chinese government set up a section to be responsible for the expension of Islamic medicine. According to Chinese history, they were able to treat 120 types of diseases using knowledge and skills derived from Islamic medicine originated from the Arabic world. (Ref: Majalah I, bil.58/August 2007)

What about astronomy? To mention a few of the glory in knowledge during that period and perhaps people always refer to Muslim who went to China to seek knowledge there. Mind you, in 1267 AD the Muslim had gone to China to set up a centre for astronomy which included the provision of 7 up- to- date equipment of its time. With this knowledge in astronomy the Chinese in the year 1271 under Kublai Khan was able to establish their Islamic calendar and encouraged the expansion of knowledge by bringing books from the Arabic world. Mathematic is the basic requirement for astronomy. Hence, this knowledge was taught to the Chinese by the Muslim mathematician, who later expended and diversified it. But sadly, Muslims of today never took any seriousness in both astronomy and mathematics unlike the Chinese. Even in school and university, the Chinese student is the one who shine. Why does this happen? Because our generation is ‘blind’ and never get motivated and appreciate the glory of the Islamic scholars and era. We are veiled because we are blind in Islamic history and civilisation.

The Muslims too from the Arabic world during its glorious time, brought in the transfer of technology and knowledge in architecture. These can be seen in especially the Huaisheng mosque in Guangzhou, Qingjing mosque in Quanzhou, Cenderawasih mosque in Hangzhou and the rest. You would appreciate more, the living wonder of Islamic architecture as seen in their mosques and even their halls and temples. These mosques were built during the Tang and Song dynasty.

In science of warfare, Muslim too taught the Chinese on how to make a type of cannon which was used in the war in China in 1273. We learned in history about Admiral Cheng Ho. Our history book never even mentioned that Cheng Ho was a Muslim! The Western claimed that Christopher Columbus was the first man to travel round the world. This is a Big lie. Cheng Ho has travelled 87 years earlier than Christopher Columbus. What happen to this important history? Up till today our generation still believes in the history which we learnt in school. Why? Because we failed to look for the truth. Remember Islam is the religion of truth. Nothing is hidden. Everything is the Truth.

So, it is time the Muslim changed their mindset, steer away from their egotism, not only they become hindrance to the non-Muslim from learning Islam, but they themselves are far away from the truth and gone astray. Learn justice and truth, nothing other than the truth. No other religion provides the truth except Islam. So get your facts right and start learning Islamic civilisation rather than always proud of Western civilisation. Not to forget on theology and akidah, learn your Quran and Hadith, this is real history, the ultimate history ….   for the goodness of mankind, … . .  rahmatull alamin.

Islamic civilisation had proven itself; it can bring world peace if we Muslim people were able to adhere to it properly and just. Western civilisation and history confirmed that it had failed to provide us with the world peace that the world needed and it is getting worst from day to day. Warfare, crime, injustice, and corruption are getting out of control, we have given enough time for the English civil law to do it work. Let give a chance to Islamic civilisation and Islamic law for the world peace, as history had proven it once.


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