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* The Way Student are Tested

Assessment is important because it is the one that drive the way student study and lecturers teach: (For medical curriculum)

1. All assessments are integrated

  • relate to the knowledge and skills we want our students to develop
  • include tests of written self-expression/ communication skills, skills of I.T. and clinical, knowledge, comprehension of published medical literature and problem-solving skills.

Thus the need to design a good PBL (problem base learning material/trigger material).

–       that they can integrate and apply knowledge and can display decision making skills

2. Retention of understanding is through the spiral method of introducing knowledge and through using several learning media, e.g. CAI, skill lab, specimens, role play, submit case-reports etc

3. Knowledge are tested across the whole knowledge content of the curriculum

4. Skills are tested by OSPE and OSCE, with a mid-year formative assessment and an end of year summative test.

5. Holistic means their ability to consider a patient in a wide context and not only their clinical skills whether adequate for performance as a house-officer.

–       behave in a way consistent with the expected professional attitudes of a doctor.

6. Patient Management Problems will continue to be used to assess application of knowledge and decision making.

7. Reports from students educational supervisors


I think it is the way we train our student and how much effort we are willing to sacrifice our time.

There are few things that need to be asked:

1. Are the lecturer more interested in their student or go for higher promotion?

2. How do you achieve higher promotion, by teaching or producing papers doing research? So research will take much of your time. Good Teaching is not counted in promotion exercise.

3. If research, and patients management have a bigger role, how much do I care teaching the student and finding methods to make them excel?


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