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Of Surah Yaasin and Fadilat


Of  Surah Yaasin and Fadilat
I was down a bit and confused as to the state of affair of our ummah. This is after I attended the usual kuliah magrib at the usual place by an same ustaz using the same Kitab Hikam.  The night later continued with kelas hadis on Sahih Muslim from 9 pm to 10.30 pm with a different ustaz. The subject this week was the continuation on getting treatment for various diseases and incantation (jampi with phrases of the Quran), treatment with honey, etc. Samples below:

Book 26, Number 5466:

Jabir reported Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying: There is a remedy for every malady, and when the remedy is applied to the disease, it is cured with the permission of Allah, the Exalted and Glorious.

Book 26, Number 5467:

Jabir reported that he visited Muqanna’ and then said: I will not go away unless you get yourself cupped, for I heard Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) say: It is a remedy.

Coming back to kitab Hikam teaching for the night, below were the iSilo format for my PDA palm Treo and window format, just for interest:

Subject – 51: Keluar Daripada Alam Kepada Pencipta Alam

Jangan kamu berpindah dari satu hal alam kepada hal alam yang lain. Jika demikian kamu adalah umpama keldai yang berpusing mengelilingi penggilingan, di mana ia menuju ke satu tujuan, tiba-tiba ia kembali kepada tempat mulanya. Hendaklah engkau melintasi sempadan alam dan menuju kepada pencipta alam. Sesungguhnya kepada Tuhanmu puncak segala tujuan.

Keadaan orang yang tidak dapat melepaskan dirinya dari syirik adalah umpama seekor keldai yang terikat dan berpusing menggerakkan batu penggiling. Walaupun jauh jarak yang dijalaninya namun, dia sentiasa kembali ke tempat yang sama. Jika ia mahu bebas perlulah ia melepaskan ikatannya dan keluar dari bulatan yang sempit. Orang yang mahu membebaskan dirinya dari syirik secara keseluruhannya hendaklah membebaskan perhatian hatinya dari semua perkara kecuali Allah s.w.t. Keluar dari bulatan alam dan masuk kepada Wujud Mutlak.

Ada beberapa peringkat yang perlu dilalui sebelum mencapai Wujud Mutlak. Peringkat pertama ialah membebaskan diri dari kongkongan penjara alam jasad. Penjara alam jasad ialah hawa nafsu. Di dalam penjara hawa nafsu ini tersedia berbagai-bagai hidangan yang lazat-lazat seperti kekuasaan, kemegahan, kemuliaan, kasihkan puji-pujian, ujub, riak, tamak, dengki dan lain-lain. Etc… etc…please refer to the text.

Anyway, it was fine with the rest of the knowledge transmitted.

However, of concern is the unrelated statement to Kitab Hikam by the ustaz. He mentioned about the satisfaction of ritual recitation of Yaasin on Thursday night, as had been the usual practice of the Malays. In short, he initially said  it is not a Sunnah practice, since it is only supported by a dhaif hadith. However he insisted with no valid acceptable evidence or academic argument, saying that if you do the ritual i.e. reciting Yaasin every Thursday night (he didn’t say how many times per night or the number of nights to recite) then later you are going to know, feel and taste personally the spiritually gratification of  reading Yaasin. However, he said you need to follow a certain kaifiat (ways; again he doesn’t elaborate) in order to achieve the spiritual well-being.

Funny thing is that, he said initially no valid hadith and yet he just did it, then you are going to know yourself, then you are going to feel and experience something good and satisfied spiritually. What sort of argument is this?

If Rasulullah s.a.w did not practise it by reciting surah Yaasin only, became as a ritual on Thursday night, (because He read all surah of the Quran all the time, but most important is in implement the Quranic injunctions, rather than to find fadhilat with the ayat or surah), the same also with Sahabat-sahabat, Tabiin, Tabiin-tabiin, and great ulamas did not advocate it, i.e. the ritual on Thursday night. Who are we to justify all these practice? The ustaz were great for the rest of his teaching that night, but were flawed by this turn of event.

Nobody can deny that Yaasin, or for that matter Fatihah, Ayattul Kursi, Bismillah …etc, certain ayat from certain surah, example Baqarah have their own fadhilat and remedy for the ailment and fallacy of mankind. I personally passed through a phase of my life history, a test period where everything was unkind, you were not yourself, you become a nervous wrecked and you loss inclination for struggle for any real achievement in life, etc. This event was what we understood as a ‘gangguan’, it is a soul disturbance, spiritually from syaitan, however it has also it psychological, emosional, social and physical effects on the body. Because of that, I decided to go for my second hajj alone during my sabbatical leave to seek Allah swt guidance and help, but I only received them after a year of endurance. Meanwhile I was down, lazy for work, very temperamental, fierce with the wife, get lost myself in my orchard and jungle project, 4WD, sleep, TV, movies, etc.

Later with the grace my Allah Who is Most Gracious, Most Merciful; Praise be to Allah, the Cherisher and Sustainer of the world; I managed to bring myself for treatment with perubatan Islam in the year 2000 from a former student of Datuk Dr Harun Din, after being prevented by the inner self (the dark side) for a while and for a proper follow-up until a year later. Earlier I went to see few bomoh, one who implicate that I got saka. Usually I was quiet well for a few week after their treatment, but it recurred. Not until I underwent for a proper perubatan Islam treatment, the legacy of Datuk Dr Harun Din. It was not an easy smooth sailing treatment; I was all right for a while and not so well, nervous and panic stricken on certain days. When I was better with the initially treatment, I resumed by reciting surah Yaasin very night for many months to follow and that is how I recovered fully as what I am now. If I slacken reciting Yaasin, I can feel the impending attack, ‘gangguan’. Therefore, I know what Yaasin can do for me. It make the syaitan run away which in the first place were attracted to you because of your weak defense system or you were a victim after being sent to you by somebody who envy you in your place of work.

OK that is about surah Yaasin and why our people still believe in restricting the practice of reciting it on Thursday night only. Waallah waalam.


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