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JI’65 Trip To K.Terengganu 30Apr-02May 2010

Assalam mualaikum wrt.

Pertama, kita semua mendoakan kesejahteraan dan kesihatan kepada semua ibu-bapa dan semua keluarga kita, kita juga memohon kepada Allah swt keampunan dari dosa untuk semua, termasuk seluruh umat Islam yg telah mati dan yg masih hidup hingga ke hari akhirat. (setiap satu kepala, satu pahala untuk kita). Untuk zikir kesihatan boleh dibaca ‘Ya hayuu’, nama Allah swt yg amat besar, asmal’hul… azam.

Secondly, alhamdullilah I managed to make the two & half hours journey to KT to have the silatullrahim with JI65 members. I am really so very happy and thankful after all this time seeing faces of my classmates, after around 40 years. However, I am still feeling embarrassed for not being able recall some of their names and college faces especially to those coming to lower six. I left MCKK, I think after the first term of lower six to do medicine in Cairo U in Egypt.  It is a memorable occasion and thanks for having my wife and me.

I can still recall the fine and distinguishing characters and features in some of you and you still carry the traits or persona to these days. Anyway, these were my analysis and feelings, sorry if they were wrong, tell me if is not so.

The joyful, funny and playful faces of Khalil, a very easygoing person. The sudden burst of funny statement of Wong Peng and the inclination of his jokes. His atrocious selection of colours of his attire and cool baby face. I knew his characters also from our lecturer days in USM.

Bab with his business and serious look on his face, upright walk, straight to the point, no jokes and no small talks. No funny business, I got into trouble with him when I tried to be funny in form 5, I cannot remember what it was. Kami tidak bertegur-sapa for quite a while.

Arbans/ Rahim another prosperous and a bundle of joy character, who survived two major operation, triple A and a heart by pass; was in good spirit and a very happy person that memorable night of the 1st May 2010, JI65 meet in Kuala Terengganu. He has many ideas for the progress of our group; we have to pick him on that. He has few fatwa’s on how to live longer. One of them, shit big and urinate a lot, the rest you need to ask him. Nows a day, he doesn’t grapple the wife but if the wife desires, he doesn’t back off either.

LanK, I meet him recently in KB, again his usual self. My wife said, the tall Chinese looking guy, he is bit quiet (wife said; I used to talk a lot, Lank just ngangguk, when we meet him in the ‘90s on one of his project in KB). He is soft-spoken, well mannered, with a simple smiles (gosh! that’s why he married 3 or 4 times, must be in his smiles), an ardent and prolific writer and a dedicated web publisher, without him which we all will be uncontactable. He is a strong believer in habbatus sauda. Three of his illness had been cured, almost instantly with Allah swt permission, ask him!

I was pleased and satisfied with the occasion, will try to continue to communicate with each other’s with whatever means and objectives, and expressed our own opinions as long as it is not destructive. As Bab said that night, ‘It is your own opinions, it should be respected and treat it with an open mind as long as it is not destructive’.

Anyway, an idea or opinion can turn into a destructive mind or a destructive person if the other party EQ is uncontrollable, if so, you should not be accountable.

That is folk, probably I will continue on other occasion. I excused myself at around 10 pm and make my journey back to KB with Mrs. the same night with a souvenir of a JI65 T-shirt and a mug of the 40th JI65 occasion after leaving behind on the BBQ table the best KT samples of keropok leko brand 008 originated from Marang district. (the women folk like it so much; soft and tender, tak liat, the sauce taste sedap, original and different)

JI65 members in KB (4 of us) or JI65 Kelantanese members (many of them in KL, since I am not a Kelantanese) in future will like to invite all the JI65 members to have again a memorable occasion in KB. We could have ‘meet the Tok Guru’ session, an Usrah or tanyalah ustaz session beside visiting to nice places, shopping from the tax free zone, batik and songket shopping.

TQ wassalam mualaikum wrt.

To see photos from Dr Abd Halim Rahman’s Public Gallery


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